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8 Things That A Healthy Dutch Diet Can Do For You

If you are a good cook and you have a good Dutch oven in your kitchen, the possibilities are endless. A Dutch oven is a great appliance and can be used to cook a variety of dishes. Having a cookware for cooking different types of food is not only convenient but it also saves a lot of money – you don’t need to buy different cookware to try your hand at different recipes. But, as mentioned in the first line of this article, you must have the right one.

The healthiest choice would be a pure clay Dutch oven because it has some features that others don’t. Do you want to check yourself? Let’s see if it can do the following 8 things:

1. Always Non-Stick

It becomes normal when seasoned well (used a few times). It starts repelling food from sticking to the wall without the toxic coating. It is easier to clean by scrubbing in clean water without using soap or detergent.

Metal and ceramic cookware need coatings so they don’t stick and contaminate the food while cooking.

2. Take a breath

The walls made of pure clay are semi-porous, they allow oxygen to pass easily so that the food is eaten with sufficient oxygen. The effect will be felt in the form of good taste & aroma of cooked food. No other cookware has this capability.

3. Can be used on both the stove and in the oven

It can be used both on the stove and in the oven – all thanks to the raw materials. This makes it possible to have one cooking pot for all kinds of cooking. Signs don’t have this.

4. Keep food warm for 5-6 hours without heat

Pure clay pots are good heating products – they keep food warm for 5-6 hours after it is cooked. This eliminates the need to heat and reheat the food each time it is served. Sometimes, the food continues to cook even after the fire is turned off, so it saves energy. Ever heard of a cast iron pan doing the same thing? On the contrary, they lose heat quickly when you don’t heat them.

5. Make food non-perishable

Some necessary but important substances such as complex carbs, flavonoids and others are destroyed by the intense heat from metals and ceramics. But when cooked with gentle far infrared heat from pure clay, they remain. When the body is regularly fed with nutritious food regularly, you feel more energetic.

6. Keep water soluble food as toilet

The water soluble nutrients present during cooking are usually released through the vents in the lid of the metal/ceramic pots. Pure clay pot holds this steam in particular by letting it condense on the inside of the lid (where the temperature is comparable). It tends to fall back into the food while cooking, not to fall completely. This is not less than a blessing because the body cannot store water soluble nutrients and the only way to get these regularly is through food.

7. 100% Non-Toxic Raw Material

The raw materials used in your Dutch oven greatly determine the health of your food. While metals and ceramics release toxins and contaminate food during cooking, pure clay is naturally weak and does not leave. Therefore, the food cooked in white clay is free from any metal toxin. The purity of pure clay is proven by laboratory tests and it can also be tested at home using the alkaline baking soda test for leaching.

8. Really green in design, use & disposal

It is not only good for the health of our food but also the planet. From the collection of raw materials to the production of the final product, it never releases any products that may harm the environment. They are completely biodegradable and can be easily disposed of at the end of their useful life.

On the contrary, making metal and ceramic Dutch ovens is harmful to the environment at every level. Their toxic products damage the natural environment and affect wildlife. Also, disposing of them is still difficult because they pollute the environment wherever they are left.

If yours is missing any or all of these features, then you are missing out on a lot of what really healthy, non-toxic and green cookware can provide. Don’t compromise the health of your family and the planet AND switch to pure clay Dutch oven to know all the benefits it has.

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