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Biryani Is Basmati Rice Based Rich Indian dish loved all over the country!

Written by Amine

Biryani is a one pot rice dish made from premium basmati rice. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian form of Biryani can be prepared as food for human consumption. Non vegetarian biryani has chicken/mutton/egg and vegetarian biryani has vegetables of choice; along with basmati rice and Indian spices to give the authentic flavor.

Biryani is a complete meal in itself and very tasty. At a few places, it is served with curd salan or mirchi salan. A number of taste and preparation variations are possible for biryani and these variations are often available in different restaurants. Several cities in India such as Hyderabad and Lucknow are known for their special biryani named after these cities (e.g. Hyderabadi Biryani and Lucknowi Biryani), and this special dish is available in almost all restaurants in these two cities. Biryani is not only a favorite and favorite food for the residents of these cities but even the visitors to these cities always enjoy this specialty, whenever they are in the city.

Biryani is not very common in restaurants in most other Indian cities or towns. At the same time making biryani at home is difficult because it takes a long time and time to prepare biryani, and one also needs skill to prepare delicious biryani at home. So it is difficult for Indians living in other cities/towns to enjoy this food.

A number of ready-to-eat or ready-mixed spices (biryani masalas) have been introduced in the market to help consumers prepare biryani at home. Both of these arrangements have their advantages and disadvantages:

– Ready-to-eat foods are very easy to prepare but are often seen as unhealthy foods and even their taste is far from the original/real taste.

– Preparing Biryani masala is really a solution for the lack of cooking skills and can help to make the taste of biryani prepared at home but does not provide a quick and easy preparation method. One also needs many other ingredients to add in the biryani while using the prepared biryani masala

Out of the above two options available, prepare biryani masala more in India to prepare delicious and fresh biryani at home. The third option for easy preparation of sweet biryani at home, which has recently been introduced in the market, is ready-to-cook biryani. The ready-to-cook foods have an instant, one-step method of preparation and they have fresh dehydrated ingredients packaged as ready-mix. The ease of preparation and timely preparation of food gives customers the satisfaction of preparing fresh food immediately.

One of the most popular Biryani preparations available in the market is Actchawa Daal Biryani, which is a delicious and healthy variation of the vegetarian biryani (containing non-vegetarian basmati, vegetables without water and Indian spices) and powdered daal. The product has a simple one-step method of preparation and no added color or preservative. One should just add water and boil for 12 minutes to prepare the rich and tasty daal biryani. The preparation overcomes all the challenges like stale biryani preparation, time-consuming preparation or too much work/preparation required in preparing biryani at home.

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