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Guide to Healthy Fast Food Choices

With the smile of McDonald’s “golden arches” and the smell of Whoppers hitting the air when you pass by Burger King, healthy food choices probably the furthest thing from your mind.

The dark clouds hanging over fast food restaurants are the most beautiful, because there are many nutritious and complete options for mulled. Being equipped with the knowledge of how to make healthy choices of fast food is essential to get the most out of a meal that is easy, cheap and really fast.

Hamburger Heaven

A hamburger at a fast food restaurant is pretty decent. McDonald’s plain ‘ole hamburger with its signature onion contains 250 calories with reasonable saturated fat and a good serving of protein.

To cut back on the calories associated with a fast food hamburger, you can eliminate some of the extras that make up the overall fat content of the meal.

For example, remove the cheese from Wendy’s Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe and save 40 calories. Omit the mayonnaise to reduce your burger by 25 calories. Do you want to save carbohydrates and calories on your healthy diet? Eat your burger on a half-a-bun and save 60 calories. All together, the 125-calorie cut still allows you to taste the bacon and juicy hamburger with tomatoes and salad.

Also, you can choose small burger selectionas Whopper Jr. no mayo (290 calories) tastes like its 510-calorie cousin.

Chicken Delight

With all the Crispy Chicken Sandwiches and Chicken Nuggets in fast food, it’s hard to pass up the spicy combination of seasonings that tickle the tongue.

Again, the real reason you order a chicken sandwich is to taste the layers, so why waste calories on a bun, which takes up 120 calories on a 340-calorie sandwich? Some people eat chicken without a bun, while others only use half.

At McDonald’s, the Honey Mustard Snack Wrap with Grilled Chicken is the second lowest calorie sandwich on the menu with 260. A four-piece Chicken Nuggets only has 170 calories. To reduce the calories associated with healthy chicken options, pay attention to your sauce, as Creamy Ranch Sauce runs 200 calories alone.

Pizza, Pizza

Check the menu of popular restaurants, such as Pizza Hut, and you will learn about healthy food options, such as the Thin-n-Crispy option, which has less bread and crust.

Create one healthy pizza eatingditch the meat toppings and load up on veggie favorites, including onions, olives, peppers, and jalapenos.

Pizza Hut also offers “Fit-n-Delicious” pizzas, where red tomatoes, mushrooms, and jalapeno options provide 150-calorie slices.

More Healthy Fast Food

Often viewed as a fast food restaurant, Subway is a great way to follow a healthy eating plan. Some of the best options include tons of vegetables and lean chicken. My personal favorite is the 1/2 sub daily special, on honey oat bread, spicy mustard and loaded with every veggie in the place. How broken and healthy.

Overall, the constant pressure to live a healthy life has encouraged many restaurants to lower calorie food options forward. Today, popular healthy recipes include the likes of Chicken Garden Salads, Strawberry-Flavored Applesauce, 2% Milk, Bacon Ranch Salad, Apple Dippers, and Fruit-n-Yogurt Parfait.

Making healthy eating decisions is not boring. Make it an adventure in the fine dining room. Bon appetit!

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