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“Health is for Sissies”

When I was young, I always heard my father say things that later could not be turned on the truth on the table. So I guess that’s a father’s rule, and I’ve probably done the same thing many times. But I don’t want to explore that aspect of my life right now.

One thing he often says is, “Health is for the kids.”

At the time, I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I know that good old mothers work very hard to make sure that he has healthy food. So he did his job, but he wasn’t good with that. He always eats the opposite of healthy, and that’s just the way he is.

Later in life, he had diabetes, high blood pressure, blocked arteries and eventually, multiple heart attacks. Then he died.

According to him, these things have nothing to do with his diet. They are just things that happen and he has no control over them.

No matter how sick he is at any given time, he always finds it in himself to enjoy sweets with a lot of sugar in them. His favorite dessert is what he eats at the time.

I didn’t remember that long until a few weeks ago, when I had my first heart attack. Who knew I even had a heart! And, how did my heart fight against me that it wants to fight against me?

My large arteries are 90% clogged, and doctors call it “widow formation.” That was something new for me.

I spent about half a week in the hospital having a stent put in to help a large artery. The nurses took more blood out of me than I knew I had. Count Dracula would be jealous.

A nurse, I call her Nurse Porcupine because she has more needles than a porcupine has quills. It took half a dozen tries to find the blood vessel in it. My hands are black and blue and there are needles in them.

I was in the hospital for only three days, but it felt like forever. His experiences like that make you enjoy your own home and bed and lazy chair. I’m glad to be home.

Then I thought about my father. He spent the last few years of his life in the hospital. I’m not sure how he did it from experience, but he did. Then I thought about his health message.

According to him, the diet has what he needs at the time. All this careful eating is far beyond his modus operandi.

I remember once he spent two weeks in the hospital getting his veins cleaned and cleaned, or whatever they called it, and when he came home, his thought was, “I healthy now I can eat what I want to eat. “

It wasn’t long until he was back where he was before he went to the hospital.

Considering this, I have a bad choice before me.

I was able to take things as my father was very dangerous and did not follow my diet.

On the other hand, I can take my health and my eating habits seriously.

My first thought was to go with my father. After all, fathers are never wrong, right?

Don’t blame my father, who has been gone for over a decade, but he didn’t take his health seriously. He thought it would just give him the ability to eat whatever he wanted without interruption.

In this case, the biggest obstacle in my decision about my health and diet was the Good Lady of the Parsonage. For some reason, he actually ate my food like it was his.

The quandary I live in is that he is in charge of cooking at home. I was banned from the kitchen for many years because of an incident that happened a few years ago, which I am not comfortable with now.

In the current health situation, I don’t have many options. He either eats what the good lady of the Parsonage has prepared or starves. Starvation is not an exercise that I particularly like.

I have to admit that my wife is a very good cook and makes delicious food, which I am sure is healthy. From my point of view, if it doesn’t have broccoli, then it’s delicious.

Its healthy array of sweets is mouthwatering.

So, I can do it myself and have a lot of trouble or let the Good Lady of the Parsonage do it and be in charge of the food in our house.

In thinking about this situation that I am in, I found a good verse in the Bible. “And every man shall eat and drink, and enjoy the good of his work, the gift of God” (Ecclesiastes 3:13).

Don’t make everyone caught in some culture, I believe from God’s perspective he wants me to enjoy my life. But, of course, as I know now, enjoying life means that I watch my eating habits for the glory of God.

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