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How to Create a Romantic Dinner for Two on a Pontoon Boat

Written by Amine

Before you pick up the phone to schedule a romantic dinner for two…STOP. Instead of fighting, waiting in line for your table and being at the mercy of other diners sitting at your elbow, why not jump on the pontoon and leave into the water? With a little imagination, vision, and the moon, you can create a romantic dinner for two that your date will never forget. The most important part of creating a memorial this evening is in the preparation. You don’t want to be in the middle of dinner and realize you forgot something important like money or a corkscrew.

So, let’s start at the beginning and work through the details. First of all, check the weather. Nothing will ruin your dinner faster than a storm or rough water. Second, dock your boat before picking up your date. Trailing and launching can be stressful and it’s important that you and your date are well rested from the moment you step off the boat, until you leave. Make sure all your gear is loaded onto the boat before arriving with your date. Check the time the sun is setting and plan to arrive at that time.

Use an easy to find outdoor string lights, make your pontoon with dangling icicles on the lights, (Don’t forget to plug them in before you arrive with your date.) a few Beautiful flowers on the deck will not be a bad thing. thoughts. There is nothing more romantic than walking your significant other on a boat to a beautiful sight that is filled in the pink and blue of the sun.

When planning your meal, you have many options. Although many boats are equipped with grills, nothing will ignite the romance faster than cooking before you can sit down. For this reason, it is recommended that you want to cook your food at home in advance or pick it up at your favorite restaurant. Making it hot or cold is no problem with a thermoelectric cooler. This is a great product sold by Coleman that can not only keep your food at the right temperature but will hold ice and drinks as well. Canned food is the best way to keep pests out of your meals and can be purchased cheaply.

Setting the table is important and if your boat is docked, this can be done before the start of your day. If you are planning to go out to the middle of the lake, however, you may have to wait until you have chosen your location to complete this task. There are many food products that will keep all your food in one place or for a little more class, packed all in a beautiful basket. Your day will be happy when you pull your table setting, candles, and champagne from the basket with a little success. Don’t forget the tablecloth!

When you finish your meal, just put it back in the basket. Clean up is easy. Follow the dinner with a wonderful dessert from a local restaurant and a happy cup of fresh coffee and then sit back and enjoy the romantic music you have playing in the background. If you follow these simple tips and throw in a few special items of your own, the next time you want to have dinner, don’t be surprised if it should be on board.

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