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Predictors of Healthy Aging – Adult Health and Wellness

There seems to be a pattern to healthy aging, confirmed by new studies of centenarians and studies comparing people in their 20’s – 40’s to people in their 60’s – 90’s . Some predictors of healthy aging include: physical, cognitive, emotional, social, spiritual and sexual. Taking care of health and wellness in all these areas will not prolong your life, but it will certainly improve the quality and enjoyment of your daily life while you have age. And, you may be surprised to find that you are staying longer than you expected.

Physical Predictors of Healthy Aging

A supplement to the November/December 2006 issue of Health and Behavior Guide featured the new MyPyramid Food Guidance System, an updated version of the original Food Guidance Pyramid, according to research done over the years.

According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), a healthy diet:

o suggest fruits, vegetables, fruits and non-fat or low-fat milk

o include lean meat, chicken, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts

o is low in fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, and added sugar

Tufts University researchers have updated their Food Guide Pyramid for Adults to be compatible with MyPyramid. This version of MyPyramid continues to emphasize good food choices and the importance of fluid balance, but has added additional information about foods that can meet specific needs. of adults. Also, more important is the importance of regular physical activity.

The Updated MyPyramid for Adults was published in the January 2008 issue of The Journal of Health. In addition to the new pyramid is a central guide to physical activities of the elderly, such as walking, gardening and swimming.

Government evidence shows that obesity in the elderly 70 years and older has increased, physical activity is a way to avoid weight gain in later years and its negative effects. Older people may need fewer calories as they age because their metabolism tends to slow down. Although they work more, they are often not as physically active as they were when they were younger. But their bodies still need the same or higher nutrients to maintain good health. Regular physical activity is linked to reduced risk of disease, weight loss and improved quality of life for older adults.

Tufts University’s recommendations for seniors include the following:

o Whole, enriched, and fortified grains and cereals such as brown rice & 100% whole wheat rice

o Bright colored vegetables such as carrots and broccoli

o Deep fruits such as berries and melon

o Low-fat dairy products such as yogurt and lactose-free milk

o Dry beans and nuts, fish, chicken, lean meat and eggs

o Liquid and soft vegetable oils that do not contain saturated fat and trans fat

o Drinking water

o Physical exercise such as walking, housework and gardening.

Cognitive Predictors of Healthy Aging

A healthy aging should keep our mind active before and especially after retirement, constantly learning something new and engaging in new activities, maintaining interests and passion reading and current affairs, and generally thinking about the good things in life.

Emotional Predictors of Healthy Aging

People with healthy emotions are happy, generally happy with life, rarely get into fights, recover from anger quickly, and tend to live a long life. They cope well with stress, maintain a good sense of humor and a positive attitude, no matter what the situation in their life may be, and they continue to develop more areas for action. play and rest.

Relational Predictors of Healthy Aging

People who are healthy as they age tend to need support from family and friends. They like to help others, have many young friends, stay in a good marriage or enjoy life to the fullest, participate in good relationships and share happy events with others. .

Spiritual Predictors of Healthy Aging

The spiritual connection becomes better as they age. Spiritual commitments and practices, such as daily prayer, meditation, or regular church attendance, help them develop a sense of personal purpose and the meaning in life, with the appreciation of the beauty and power of nature and its body and cycle.

Sexuality Predictors of Healthy Aging

Those of advanced age still have joy and passion for life. They tend to continue to be emotional and sexual, in their bodies, in contact with others and emotionally, and in connection with the natural environment.

The Formula for Healthy Aging seems to be included:

o A great support in communication between family, friends, and neighbors

o Daily spiritual practice and belief in a higher power

o A healthy lifestyle includes exercise, nutrition, rest, sleep and play

o Have imagination, intelligence, and passion for learning

o Happiness, good thoughts, and good humor

o Desire for life, desire and sexual life, and satisfaction of nature

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