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Title – Creating a Healthy Life and Marriage – Author – Judith Anne Desjardins – Book Review

We all strive to live a happy and full life. Most of us want to meet a good person and have a good relationship, which will break into marriage. We don’t want to be oppressed by the past. We need love. We want to be able to love each other. Judith Anne Desjardins new book titled, “Building a Healthy Life and Marriage: A Healthy Approach: Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit” is unique in its kind; provide a holistic approach with his professional objectivity. Throughout this book readers are taken on a spiritual journey to discover who they are and given the tools to live a healthy life.

Judith Anne Desjardins is a Certified Social Worker, Board Certified Diplomat in Clinical Social Work, and Master Social Work Addictions Counselor in Santa Monica, California. He has many years of medical and personal experience. Judith writes openly in her book about her own struggles that have affected her. He writes about how he had to work hard to make healthy changes in his life. It’s not easy to face the pain, but by doing so Judith is now happily married and gained more confidence to write this book so that others can learn from her own. the knowledge.

Judith brings to the fore the importance of what children and young people need to do to build emotional stability. She lists it simply as love, guidance, and approval along with a few other basic needs of children. It makes clear the damage caused by emotional and physical abuse, overprotection, misbehavior, abandonment and other actions that parents sometimes don’t know about. even if it happens. Awareness of these problems and the direction of work is often subconsciously buried problems to close is the key to a personal change.

“Building a Healthy Life and Marriage” is a new initiative to train and socialize the injured adult back into the community, workplace, and family life. Essentially, the process is like babies learning to crawl, stand, walk, and explore the world around them, with the love and attention that is lacking in childhood. Judith also includes a section on forgiveness; release the resentment and bitterness of the perpetrator(s) of mental illness. I found this chapter particularly useful. It is not easy to forgive. Judith writes in her book, “Forgiveness does not remove the situation, but it heals the wound. When you forgive the person who hurt you, you allow yourself to move forward in peace. You let go. manifestation, the person who harmed you, injury, resentment, you are free! These words really resonated in me. It is true that we have the strength within us to let go of bitterness and live a harmonious life.

I want to encourage everyone to read “Building a Healthy Life and Marriage,” not only because the information is well presented, but also because it will support the importance of your life. The writer does not criticize or tell the person what to think or interpret the reader’s thoughts. This book is especially recommended for people who have tried unsuccessfully to use traditional therapies to deal with current relationship and life challenges. With a beautiful soft-cover, the book has full color artwork created by Judith and her photo editing students. Reading “Building a Healthy Life and Marriage” with an open mind will fill your heart and lift your spirit.

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