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Vegan Lunch Recipes – Ideas and recipes for vegan lunches!

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It is important to be clear many things in your vegan diet to make sure you get all the right nutrients, to stay fit, and of course, enjoy your food. Many people on a vegan diet are stuck in the door when it comes to planning their lunch. What they may not know is that there are many very easy and good health vegan lunch ideas and recipes await them, if they are only willing to put in little effort in preparing them!

Listed below are 5 vegan food ideas and recipes for your lunch.

Veggie burger / lentil burger

Assembling a veggie or lentil burger is a healthy, easy recipe very delicious vegan lunch ideas. Find a type of vegan patties that you like, and cook the patties in the pan or in the oven according to the instructions. Meanwhile, slice open your bread roll and add pesto, hummus or guacamole to the base. Add your cooked patty to the bread roll, and top with some tomatoes, grated beetroot and carrot and sliced ​​pineapple. And voila, it’s done!

Vegan Mediterranean pizza

This is one very easy vegan lunch to prepare. You can make it the night before or the day of if you are at home. Buy vegan pizza base and vegan tomato paste from your local health food store. Brush your pizza base with tomato paste (or olive oil or pesto if you don’t have vegan tomato paste). Add some olives, dried tomatoes, tomatoes (halved), sliced ​​mushrooms, some thinly sliced ​​red onions and a few dollops of pesto. Next, you can grate some vegan cheese on top, or make ‘white sauce’. To make your sauce white, add 1 Tbsp. flour and 1 Tbsp. olive oil in a hot pot, and cook for about 30 minutes. Next add some sea salt, pepper and dried herbs. Finally, add rice or sour milk slowly to the mix, a little at a time, stirring constantly. When the desired thickness is achieved, remove the heat and spoon your pizza. Bake your pizza in the oven for about 30 minutes.

Pita bread with falafel and hummus dip

Buy some pita bread wraps, and some falafel mix from the supermarket or health food store. Prepare and fry your falafel patties according to package directions, remove from heat and set aside. Spread some vegan hummus dip (from the store, or make your own) in your pita bread – on both sides. Add some sliced ​​onion, shredded lettuce, parsley, grated carrot, or whatever salad ingredients you like. Place 2 or 3 falafel patties in your pita bread, and gently separate them with a fork. Add salt and pepper. Satisfied.

Faux Lunch-meat or ‘Bacon’ sandwich with salad

Vegan fake meat brands from grocery stores and health food stores have improved in taste and ingredients over the past few years. What used to taste bland and unappetizing can now taste gourmet and fun. Faux meats, sausages and lunch-meats now boast high-energy foods (ie, instead of soy, wheat and pea protein!) including special grains (quinoa, kamut), lentils, chickpeas, beans and herbs and spices.

Choose your favorite faux meat, or cook your own bacon. Choose your vegan bread roll, wrap or bread and add your choice below gourmet ingredients: olives, sun-dried tomatoes, mustard, hummus, pesto, avocado, guacamole, lettuce or spinach, grated carrot, beetroot, corn, sliced ​​onions, vegan cheese, fresh or dried herbs, and of course, freshly ground pepper and sea salt.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Choose your favorite vegan bread, wrap or bread roll, and top with peanut butter spread and the natural jam of your choice! Hey, who says adults can’t enjoy a peanut butter sandwich?!

As you can see, there are many easy vegan lunch ideas that you can prepare for yourself without much trouble. The above lunch recipes are very easy, and even vegan cooks can prepare them. Remember, vegan food does no must be bored – so find some yummy recipes too get ideas!

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