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Why Dark Chocolate “Healthy Chocolate”?

There are always stories in the media about the benefits of eating more chocolate, but why? Can it be considered a healthy chocolate? There are many health benefits to chocolate with more discoveries being made every day such as the recent intervention for autistic and chocolate, but what is it that causes Does dark chocolate have all the health benefits?

Dark chocolate, unlike milk, has less fat and less fat, it is a healthier choice than other sweets and is less likely to cause obesity when consumed internally. half Some experts say that the milk contained in milk chocolate prevents the good antioxidants in cacao from being absorbed into the body. Cocoa-phenols, a substance that has been proven to reduce blood pressure increases with the amount of cacao, so it only makes sense that the cacao content increases and increases the nutritional value healthy.

Naturally occurring flavonoids as found in plants such as the theobroma-cacao tree act as anti-oxidants to help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals as we age. Since these flavonoids are derived from the contents of cacao it only makes sense that they are more abundant in dark chocolate than they are in other types, so if you are When looking for health benefits your best option is always to go for one with a higher cocoa content. . Many people, however, prefer to go with lighter dark chocolates because they don’t taste as bitter, this is unfortunate because the cacao content decreases and reduces the benefits of the product. sugar here!

One of the many facts about chocolate that causes the most interest is cacao’s ability to stimulate happiness or “love”. What is it that supports this health? Well, the chemical composition of dark chocolate stimulates the production of both serotonin and endorphins which when combined create happiness and motivation, unlike serotonin in drugs fight stress and release endorphins during exercise. As with most of the health benefits of our favorite cacao as treated the darker the color the higher the content of the elements that affect the changes in our body.

Another feature of dark chocolate that is often misunderstood is the high fat content. Many people try to avoid eating chocolate based on the high fat content; However, most fats contain saturated fat in the form of stearic acid. Stearic acid in the middle is a saturated fat like no other and has been shown to lower cholesterol unlike other saturated fats! The reason for this health benefit is still a mystery to scientists everywhere!

Most of the health benefits for dark chocolate can be attributed to the high level of flavonol antioxidants. These antioxidants contribute to the many health benefits that are touted in the media almost every day. So far it has been proven that in the middle of chocolate added to a diet can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of hemorrhagic stroke, to improve brain function, improve circulation, reduce cough, inhibit bowel movement, promote growth and reduce the risk of infarction. !

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